CBBE Pyramid

Brand Salience

The depth of brand awareness is strong as YKKT enjoys the top of mind recall, when consumers are considering kaya toast. However, the breadth of brand awareness is relatively weak, due to the limited usage situations, namely breakfast/lunch or tea-breaks. During these situations, consumers generally do not consider YKKT as there are many other alternatives such as McDonald’s Hotcakes for breakfast, chicken rice for lunch and maybe Starbucks for tea-breaks.

Brand Performance

YKKT strives to deliver its brand promise of offering quality kaya toast and other complementary traditional food and beverages. Generally, YKKT provides good customer service with their efficient service staff. However, there are times where quality of its products and customer service is inconsistent, across the franchises. Other than being affordable, YKKT also strives to make its products widely available by franchising its brand (To date, there are 44 Ya Kun outlets – 41 YKKT outlets and 3 Ya Kun Toastwich outlets).

Brand Imagery

YKKT has a rich brand heritage of more than 60 years. Leveraging on its rich heritage, YKKT delivers traditional kaya toast to its consumers (who are seeking for traditional food). To keep up with times, YKKT innovates and launches complementary products such as French toast to cater to traditional, yet contemporary consumers.

​Consumers from the Baby Boomer generation can relate to the brand logo (which is made up of the Chinese characters of the founder, Ah Koon). The brand logo, together with its store environment, evokes a sense of nostalgia. In addition, the store environment has a traditional, laidback feeling which allows consumers to feel at ease. This allows them to feel as if they were back in the 60s, enjoying traditional kaya toast and coffee, amidst their fast-paced hectic lifestyle.


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