Competitor Analysis

The two main direct competitors that we have identified are Toastbox and Killiney Kopitiam, whereas the major fast food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC are YKKT ‘s non-direct competitors. Despite being comparatively new in the local breakfast industry, these fast food giants have become big players and have been gaining increasing popularity from the younger generation.


A subsidiary of Breadtalk, Toastbox was established in 2005 as a food stall unit in Food Republic Wisma Atrium to recreate the warm atmosphere of a local Nanyang coffee shops from the 1960s. It has successfully expanded both locally and internationally to countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. The cafe differentiates itself from its competitors by positioning themselves as a lifestyle experience, infusing traditions with vibrancy and style in their food menu and decorations.

​Toastbox’s nostalgic appeal tugs on the heartstrings of the older generation, who frequented traditional coffee shops when they were young. Toastbox also tries to attract the younger crowd who fancy dining in a traditional setting. Toastbox strategically locates its cafes in the heartlands as well as the central business district to cater to a wide array of its target market.

Killiney Kopitiam

Killiney Kopitiam has a rich history, from being established in the 1950s as “Qiong Xin He” and later renamed as “Killiney Koptiam” in 1993. They have now expanded their operations to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Hong Kong. The vision of the company is to share the “Kopitiam” tradition through generations by educating the young.​

Killiney’s business concept lies in offering quality products and services at affordable prices while preserving the coffee shop tradition. The cafe builds strong bonds with their customers and seeks constant feedback to ensure that customer expectations are met.


McDonald’s offers a wide variety of western breakfast sets, such as the Breakfast Deluxe Meal, Big Breakfast and Hotcakes with Sausage Meal. They offer home delivery service to their customers from as early as 4am in the morning, catering to the younger generation who seek to fill their stomach in the early hours of morning.


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