Our Brand

To establish YKKT as a household name in Singapore and Asia, offering delectable kaya toast and other complementary traditional food and beverages to one and all.​

YKKT  strives to:

  1.  Preserve its unique and rich heritage established since 1944
  2. Perpetuate its belief that a good toast can bind kinship, friendship & partnership
  3. Persevere in achieving its twin objectives of affordability and availability of its products
  4. Pursue excellence in its customer service
  5. Position itself at the forefront of innovation for product development​​​

YKKT ’s specially formulated kaya (a local spread of egg and coconut) is made from a proprietary recipe comprising eggs, sugar, coconut milk, and natural fragrance extracted from pandan (screwpine) leaves . Handed down generation by generation , the recipe does not contain preservatives, artificial colouring and artificial flavouring, and only the best ingredients are used. In 2003, Ya Kun was awarded the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification for the manufacture of its kaya.

YKKT ‘s key target market is the baby boomers. YKKT has fashioned a contemporary image with a touch of authentic Chinese heritage to appeal to this group of modern consumers. YKKT also seeks to attract the younger generation by accommodating to their tastes and preferences i.e. by updating their traditional menu with drinks such as ice blended coffee.


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