Benjamin’s Diary

​About him: An SMU undergraduate but currently on a six months internship in Citibank, Benjamin spends long hours in his office. His favourite form of relaxation after work would be to have a few drinks with his colleagues or to meet his girlfriend. Ben is quite image-conscious and tailors all his working shirts and pants. He loves eating and stays lean no matter what he eats.

​​Observational report dated 10 September 2012, Monday:
Getting out of bed at 7am, Ben drags himself to the toilet to get washed up. Monday is always a busy day for him. He does not like Mondays. Ben gets dressed for his long day of work ahead, putting on his tailored black pants and formal shirt with his initials sewn on the cuffs. He whatsapps his girlfriend and checks his phone for any breakfast orders that might come in. Being the intern, he usually buys food for his fellow colleagues and his boss. Several orders start coming in and he decides to have his breakfast in the office too. He makes his way to his office via bus and then East-West Line to Raffles Place.

After arriving at Raffles Place, Ben makes a beeline to his favourite beehoon stall to buy breakfast for himself and his colleagues. He buys coffee at Jewel Coffee along the way before making his way up to the office. Ben finally settles down at his desk after distributing the food to his colleagues. Work begins. Ben has his weekly report to complete as well as other miscellaneous tasks that his colleagues throw to him. He proceeds to work on his tasks immediately. He does his work steadily and carefully, making sure no error is made. He does not take a break nor does he check his phone for any updates.

The morning flies past and it is time for lunch. Ben goes out to buy lunch for his colleagues and then has lunch with a fellow SMU intern and a few others. They have a quick one and return back to work immediately. His colleague treats everyone to Tullys Coffee. Upon asking him if he prefers Jewel or Tullys, he comments that both coffee tastes the same and there is no difference.

He goes out again at 4pm to have a smoke break as well as to get some food for his colleagues and himself for tea break. Afternoons are always harder to get by because of the post-lunch lull which is when the sleepiness sets in. Ben makes his way to Fun Toast to get some hot beverages as well as snacks. Today, he also patronizes this random Indian stall to get ginger tea for his boss.

After work at 730pm, Ben heads home as he feels slightly lethargic and wants to get some rest. On the way back, he checks his Facebook updates and reads Bloomberg on his phone. He buys dinner at the food centre near his house and brings it back home to eat while surfing the net. He bathes and continues surfing the web until it is time to sleep. Ben calls his girlfriend and they chat on the phone till they sleep.

Here is Benjamin’s diary for the week.

Conclusion:  For Ben, he values routine and often prefers eating his favorite food over something new. He also values convenience and since he enjoys eating kaya toast and there is a YKKT conveniently located near his workplace, he goes to YKKT at least once a week during his break to takeaway a light snack, such as a cup of coffee and toast. Thus Ben’s relationship with YKKT can best be described as a marriage of convenience and casual friendship.


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