Brenda’s Diary

About her:  Brenda Chow is a middle aged lady currently in a senior finance role in Procter & Gamble. She is a creature of comfort and likes to stick with routine, her favourite foods (teochew sliced fish beehoon) and daily kopi.

Observational report dated September 9 2012, Monday
Brenda’s alarm clock is always set for 7am but she usually snoozes it till 7.15am before waking up to brush her teeth. She skims the day’s papers for five minutes, taking note of what TV program will be screening tonight and at what time. She then gets ready and catches a ride from her husband to work as it is a short five minute drive away. She arrives at her office building slightly before 8am. She heads straight for the Ya Kun Kaya Toast nearby to queue for her morning kopi as the queue is usually very long.

While queuing, She decides what to take away for breakfast to have at her office desk. She always has her coffee as ‘kopi o kosong’, as anything else is too sweet. She also likes to bring her personal mug down to use instead of the Styrofoam cups so that she can reduce waste. She enjoys the taste and aroma of local coffee as it is what she has grown up with and has no interest in the specialty coffee wave.  She has also been a fan of Ya Kun since she started drinking it nearly five years ago and was overjoyed when one opened up near her office building.

She gets down to serious work at around 8.30am – first checking through all her emails which accumulate through the night as they are mostly from Europe and the US. She usually has meetings in the morning and afternoon and today is no different. She attends a meeting till 12, does some more work before finally leaving for lunch at 1pm.

After lunch, she takes a break and reads The Straits Times online and chats for a bit with her sister. She gets back down to work and attends another meeting in the late afternoon. The meeting ends promptly at 4.30pm and she strikes up a conversation with a fellow colleague and they decide to have a coffee together. She picks up her office mug, they go down to Ya Kun and she orders her usual ‘kopi o kosong’.

Come 6pm she arranges for her husband to pick her up on his way back work and she is home by 6.15pm. She then goes for an evening stroll around the park before dinner. After dinner, she finishes reading the papers and then watches her favourite 9 o’ clock Channel 8 show before switching over to the news on Channel News Asia. She then gets ready to go to bed at around 11pm.

Here is Brenda’s diary for the week.

​Conclusion: Brenda leads a very simple, routine lifestyle and cherishes culture and family. While it is convenient for Brenda to go to YKKT due to her office location, her brand relationship with YKKT runs deeper than that. In fact, there is a Toastbox outlet also located near her office yet she repeatedly purchases from YKKT. Hence, her relationship with YKKT can be typified as a combination of childhood friendships and best friendships. Since Brenda is from the Baby Boomers’ generation, the initial draw to YKKT was mainly through its traditional coffee and heritage. YKKT’s brand thus conjures memories of Brenda’s growing up days when the only coffee available was in this local ‘kopi’ form. Furthermore, her allegiance to YKKT was formed not only based on preferred taste and quality, but the fact that it is part of her identity as a very traditional, conservative Singaporean.


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