Guay Tin’s Diary

About Her: Guay Tin is a 54 years old housewife and a mother of three, two sons and a daughter. Guay Tin is a very organised housewife and she takes pride in taking care of the household. She is especially attentive to the needs of her three children.

Guay Tin came from a very humble background which is why she hardly spends on luxury goods and even fashion apparel. She allocates a larger budget to purchase basic necessities such as food and groceries. Guay Tin exhibits strong relationships with brands that can enhance her performance in taking care of the household, or brands that promises quality, such as Tupperware. She has an extensive collection of Tupperware products that range from lunch boxes to tumblers.​

Observational Report dated 10 September 2012, Monday:
Guay Tin wakes up at 9.00am, slips into her no-brand bedroom slippers and drags herself to her children’s rooms to check whether they have left for work, especially since she knows that they have a tendency to oversleep. With a sigh of relief, she only sees her second son still sleeping in the room as he has no classes on Monday.

Guay Tin then proceeds to the toilet. Using a no-brand toothbrush that was obtained from a hotel, with Darlie toothpaste, she brushes her teeth. She then uses a wet facial towel to wash up. Next, still in her no-brand bedroom slippers, she drags her feet to her son’s room and attempts to wake her son up. With great reluctance, her son woke up and proceeds to the toilet to wash up.

​Guay Tin will then head to the kitchen to prepare three Fit Solution Cell Energy & Nutrition supplement drinks, one for her husband, one for her son and one for herself. Once everyone had finished their drink, she will add water into the cups to dissolve any remaining residue in the cup to avoid wastage, as the supplement purchased are relatively expensive. Guay Tin will then remind her son to say his daily prayers before the Buddha altar, located in the living room.

​Guay Tin will then prepare breakfast oat and coffee for her husband while her son prepares to leave for school (self-study). As a caring mother, Guay Tin will then rush to brew a pot ginger tea for her son (to his dismay) as she believes that drinking ginger tea is good for his health. She then fills the freshly brewed ginger tea into Zojirushi thermos flask that she recently bought, and passes the flask to her son so that he could do a takeaway to school.

After the son leaves around 10.00am, Guay Tin will also say her daily prayers and soon after, her self-employed husband will leave for work too. Home alone, she will begin to do very minimal household chores such as organizing items that are deemed to be messy in the house.

​At around 3.00pm, her husband will return from work and both of them will head to the nearest NTUC supermarket for grocery shopping. Guay Tin exhibits strong relationships with the brands of the groceries that she is familiar with, or brands that her children like. With the grocery shopping done, Guay Tin’s husband will be back home, spending his time using the computer in the study room while Guay Tin will unpack the groceries.

​At 6.00pm, Guay Tin will start to prepare for dinner for her family and after dinner, she will watch a reality series, The Voice of China with her son, on YouTube. She will then lie on her son’s bed and rest for some time before going off to finish some other household chores.

At about 11.00pm, her whole family will prepare to sleep. Before the family turn in, Guay Tin will prepare another Fit Solution supplement drink for the family and she will also remind her sons to say their prayers.

Here is Guay Tin’s diary for the week

Conclusion: Guay Tin generally does not have a preference for branded products as she is a very thrifty person. Due to the fact that she seldom leaves the house, she usually needs someone in the family to ‘expose’ a brand to her before she forms a relationship with the brand.  An interesting point to note is that Guay Tin forms different brand relationships when she is playing different roles. For example, when playing the role of a mother, Guay Tin puts the interests her children first. This made her adopt many of her children’s preferred brands when it comes to groceries, such as the brand of Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Bonjour bread and Magnolia fresh milk. She formed an arrange marriage with YKKT because her son has a committed partnership with YKKT and often brings her to YKKT at their neighboring mall to catch up over breakfast or tea.


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