Jianwei’s Diary

​About Him: Jian Wei is currently studying Bachelor of information systems in SMU. Being passionate about technology, he spends a lot of his time playing computer games and keeps himself updated about the latest technology. On top of that, being very outgoing, he also dedicates a fair bit of time to go out for movies and playing basketball with his close friends. He joins the SMU Pool Club as CCA.

Observational report dated September 11 2012, Tuesday

Jian Wei wakes up at 6.30am and starts washing up and getting dressed. He leaves house at 7am and walks to the bus stop downstairs to wait for the usual bus 174 to school. Being the first school day of the week, he usually feels very sleepy in the morning and tends to sleep during the bus trip. Halfway through the journey as he gets more awake, Jian wei will start watching his favourite dramas on his iphone before he reaches the bus stop at Cityhall MRT.

He will then head to Macdonalds to get his breakfast and proceed to class. During class intervals, coffee bean or Kopitiam will be his favourite hangout to get some snacks or coffee to keep him awake throughout the day.

School officially ends at 3.15pm for him and Jian wei will rush down for his FYP meeting. Before the meeting, he will also drop by Koufu to get his late lunch. FYP meeting is usually very stressful and hectic as it is a critical project for all IS students. During the meeting, all his team mates will be very serious in discussions and Jian Wei is always the one to help lighten the mood when any conflict pops up.

After his FYP meeting, hunger usually sets in as he usually take many meals throughout the day. Occasionally, his FYP team mates will go off together to grab a bite nearby school (Starbucks, bubble tea or fastfood).

Here is Jianwei’s diary for the week.

Conclusion:  Jianwei is not a current customer of YKKT. He is involved with brands that are the current trend of the Gen Y market such as Starbucks coffee, fast food brands like Macdonalds. He is also a loyal user of the Apple iphone, revealing all the popular brands among young adults of his age. As he is still an undergraduate student, it can also be observed the mix of higher-end brands and more affordable brands in his daily life i.e. Eating at Koufu/fast food versus buying a cup of Starbucks coffee as a snack. He leads a typical university student lifestyle, with the choice of his diet being closely related to what his friends eat or drink. As we can observe that this user does not frequent YKKT, the potential relationships formed with YKKT in future involvement might be casual friends/buddies or flings.


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