Michelle’s Diary

​About her: Michelle is a very busy person, as she has to juggle her schoolwork, part-time job and keeping fit. She is extremely dependent on her iPhone for social networking purposes – her favorite application is Instagram. She loves looking good and having fun, eating and clubbing are her favorite pastimes.

​Observational report dated September 12 2012, Wednesday
Michelle drags herself out of bed at 10AM to get ready for her part-time job. She takes approximately an hour to shower, apply her makeup and pick out her outfit. She rushes to catch a bus to her workplace at Peace Centre. She works in City Trade International, a local beauty school that imports, packages and supplies local beauty spas with beauty products. She only works from 11:30AM to 1:30PM as she has class at 1:45PM.

Starving and short of time, she heads down to the basement of Peace Centre to grab a quick bite before rushing off to class. She surveys all the food stalls to look for the most affordable option and settles on buying a curry puff and nuggets from Old Chang Kee and a can of Nescafe coffee from the small convenience store. She eats her food and uses her phone to check for Instagram and Twitter updates whilst walking over to SMU for her Social Psychology class.

​She constantly pops Eclipse mints into her mouth during her 1 hour 30 minute lesson to curb her hunger pangs. At 3:15PM, she dashes out of class to buy her lunch. Lazy to walk over to Kopitiam across the road, she settles on a packet of prawn aglio olio from Tea Party at level 1 of SOE. She finds an empty table to put her belongings down and devour her pasta, but not before taking a photo of her meal to upload to Instagram. While eating, she is joined by some friends to chit-chat and indulge in some recent gossip.

By the time she is done eating her pasta and talking to her friends, it is 4PM. Michelle whips out her phone to reply her boyfriends text messages then proceeds to open her laptop and textbook out to prepare for her IEA meeting at 7PM. She plugs her earphones into her iPhone and blasts music to block out the chatter of nearby students.

​At 4:35PM, some of Michelle’s friends who are having lessons at SOE come down to buy food and smoke during their break. Michelle gets distracted from her IEA assignment and shows her friends an interesting video on Youtube. She tells them that she is thinking of buying fried chicken from Four Seasons Station, another stall at level 1 of SOE. At 4:50PM her friends filter back to their classes and Michelle goes back to preparing for her meeting. She buys fried chicken at 5:30PM.

​At 6:23PM, whilst people-watching in lieu of doing her IEA assignment, Michelle spots a friend strolling past SOE. She beckons her friend over for a quick conversation. Her friend leaves at 6:35PM.

​At 7PM, Michelle slowly makes her way to SOE GSR 3-12 for her IEA meeting. Her meeting starts out unproductively as two of her groupmates did not prepare for the meeting. Her meeting ends at 9PM, she is exhausted and hungry again. She drags her feet to the bus stop at SOA to take a bus home. She reaches home at 9:30PM, dumps her bag and laptop on her bed before heading to the kitchen. She heats up the plate of food – stir-fried vegetables, fried chicken, steamed tofu, rice and soup – that her maid left for her in the microwave. After her late dinner, she takes a bath before flipping her laptop open to read and reply to emails and check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for update. At 11:30PM, she Skypes with her boyfriend to talk about their day before going to sleep at 12:30AM

Here is Michelle’s diary of the week.

​Conclusion:  Michelle’s relationship with YKKT can best be described as a casual friend or a marriage of convenience. Her relationship with the brand is low in affect and intimacy as she patronizes YKKT only when it is convenient. Michelle is a very busy person as she juggles school, work and fitness. Hence, her inclination towards the most time-efficient choices extends into her meal selections as well.


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