Observation Study

We did an observation study at two YKKT outlets in order find out our target segments and gain a better understanding of their purchase behaviours. In shifts, we observed the customer inflow from 8am-7pm at HDB Hub (Toa Payoh) outlet and Robinson Point, which were chosen so we could cover the range of our target groups.

For HDB Hub, we observed them over a weekday and weekend, while we observed Robinson Point over a weekday. In general, there was a constant inflow of customers at HDB Hub during both days, owed in large part to the elderly. These older customers were prone to sitting for long periods of time either alone or with their friends. They do not much as well, usually just coffee or toast to last them over the hours.

The findings for our target segments are as follows:


In sum, the smallest group present we found was the students, while the bulk of the customers came from families and PMEBs on weekends and weekdays at the according outlets. The elderly posed a significant percentage but we felt including them into our target market would diversify our marketing strategy too much.


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