Serene’s Diary

​About her: Serene is a student in her final year of her pre-university education. She spends the majority of her time revising her work and completing assessments for the International Baccalaureate Programme which are required for graduation. She studies hard but also plays hard. She is a member of her school Sailing and Touch Rugby team. She is a very social person who enjoys spending her free time with friends watching movies and finding new places to eat.

Observational report dated 11 September 2012, Tuesday
In order to catch the school bus, Serene wakes up at 6.10am after pressing the snooze button a couple times. After finally managing to wake up, she spends about half an hour getting ready to go to school. In order to sleep in later, she packs her breakfast to eat in school instead of eating at home. She boards the bus at 6.45am and reaches school at 7am.

Serene has lessons until 2pm after which they are released from class. She takes the MRT to the National Library at Bugis where she proceeds with her revision. She prefers to study at the library as when at home, she finds that she is constantly distracted by her computer, the television and other things. She walks through Bugis Junction on the way to the library and she considers the numerous food options and her budget as she wants to purchase a snack for later on in the afternoon. Finally, she decides on getting a bun from BreadTalk and iced milk tea from Ya Kun Kaya Toast before continuing to the library. Serene takes out her iPod and selects her playlist of study music before she dives into her work.

She takes a break at 5.23pm and goes down to eat the bun she bought earlier before going back up to continue with her work. At 7.15pm her father picks her up from the library on the way home from work. They reach home at 7.30pm and have dinner with the rest of the family. After dinner she turns on her laptop and checks her facebook, twitter and email for any updates before taking a bath. After washing up, she gets comfortable and watches a couple episodes of a Korean drama that she just started watching recently.

At 11pm she begins to study again with limited success and decides to have supper instead. She goes to the kitchen to make herself a bowl of Korean Kimchi Ramyun noodles. After finishing the noodles she decides to go to bed. She packs her bag for the next school day, brushes her teeth then goes to bed.

This is Serene’s diary of the week.

Conclusion: As a student with limited spending power, Serene is a rather price-conscious consumer. Also, she enjoys an active lifestyle as shown through her participation in multiple co-curricular activities in addition to her hectic school schedule. Due to these characteristics, Serene tends to purchase items that are more affordable as well as convenient. Her relationship with the Ya Kun brand can be characterized as a childhood friendship as she started to eat it as a child when her parents would bring her to YKKT on weekends for breakfast, and a marriage of convenience.


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