Yan Yuan’s Diary

About Him: Yan Yuan is a 26 years old full-time working adult in a social media SME. Other than holding a full-time job, he teaches tuition to 3 secondary school students and does freelance website design. Hence, most of his time is dedicated to work and he allocates his weekend off to relax and enjoy himself. When he’s busy, convenience is the most important factor when choosing his choice of meal. However, he is willing to splurge on restaurants during his day offs with his family or friends.

​Observational report dated 7 September 2012, Friday
Yan Yuan started his day at 7:00am in the morning when he gets up to prepare for work. He met his girlfriend at Tampines Mall to grab Breadtalk to eat on the way to work. He sent his girlfriend to his workplace at Raffles place before heading over to his own office at Suntec Tower.

​During lunch hour (1pm), Yan Yuan and his colleagues went to the nearest Food Republic for lunch. They stayed for slightly over an hour, chatting about their plans for the weekends, colleagues and interesting news that they have seen online. Both Yan Yuan and his colleagues were constantly using their phone for SMS and checking their social media accounts. They headed back to their office after some of his colleagues purchased snacks from Carrefour to replenish the pantry.

​His workday ended at 7pm, as per his every Friday routine, he met up with his girlfriend at Raffles Place MRT before heading to meet with the rest of his friends at Raffles City MRT for Sushi Tei, as discussed and agreed on Whatsapp prior the meeting. The friends met up and spent about two and a half hours at Sushi Tei chatting about their latest holiday trip to Taiwan last month and discussing on possible countries to visit for their year-end holiday. They eliminated Europe and USA due to high cost during the tourist period and were looking for cheaper alternatives such as China and Australia. They decided to research more before deciding and Yan Yuan suggested to head over to Five at Raffles Place for their Friday drinking session.

​Upon reaching Five, the 5 friends shared a tower of Asahi beer and other assorted snacks while catching up on each other’s work and life. They left the place together at 1:30am and Yuan Yuan and his girlfriend went home on a cab.

Conclusion: For Yan Yuan, he values technology, convenience and his friend’s opinions in his daily life. These values come into play when choosing a place to eat or drink, as he needs convenience, especially when he is stuck with a busy schedule, and he takes into account the suggestions that his friends make. Every once in a while, he visits YKKT because his colleagues suggest going there for lunch or to takeaway coffee when he sees that that is the store with the shortest queue. This brand relationship is best described to be an arranged marriage since he is imposed by the preferences of his friends. On certain occasions, the brand relationship can be enslavement where he has no choice but to go to YKKT as it is the only food choice available and he is pressed for time.


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