Assignment 5

In this last and final assignment, we will be formulating the growth strategy for YKKT. We will also be developing an alternative brand marketing campaign for YKKT and addressing the estimated costs in this assignment.

“Can You Ya Kun?” Campaign

  1. Growth Strategy
  2. Social Media & Events
  3. Sales Promotions

Moving forward, we suggest that Ya Kun’s new Brand Purpose be “Building Relationships while keeping heritage alive. This allows Ya Kun to go beyond fulfilling lower level needs such as physiological needs to fulfilling higher level needs such as belongingness needs. This is also reflected in our Brand Motto “The Toast that Binds”.

Can You Ya Kun? Campaign

We chose this name as we wanted to evoke curiosity and interest amongst consumers. Furthermore, in the process of answering this question, we want to convey an inclusive feel and demonstrate that “everyone can”.


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