Brand value

Calculating NOPAT

In calculating NOPAT, we estimated the following figures:

Peak hours /day 7
Sales/ hour 30
Non-peak hours/day 8
Sales/hour 20
Profit/set meal $4.00
Profit/day $1,500
Profit/month $45,017
Cost of operating/month (salary, rental, miscellaneous) $25,000
NOP/month $20,017
NOP/year $240,200
43 outlets $10,328,600

Stage 1: Market Segments

With our new focus, we hope to not only increase the frequency of patronage by all our target market, we want to increase the proportion of students visiting YKKT. Students play an indispensable part in the future of YKKT as they grow to be the future families and PMEBs.

Stage 3: Role of Brand (%)

Responsiveness and Relevance

We have increased the rating for responsiveness (internal) and relevance (external) with our recommendations for YKKT to cater to the new trends and needs of the market; adapting their menu and building up an online presence.

 Stage 4: Brand Strength


We have also increased the level of differentiation that YKKT has against its competitors by

  1. Introducing unique food items from its competitors
  2. Building up a unique brand purpose that differentiates it from its competitors.


By carrying out activities such as creating an online presence, organizing family events and doing its part in corporate social responsibilities by organizing events for kids and senior citizens would increase the presence of YKKT.


By re-defining our brand purpose and the support of communication materials. We hope to increase the general understanding of our customers about YKKT’s purpose and heritage.

Stage 5: Brand Value

With the implemented changes, we expect brand value of YKKT to increase from 7.44 million to 15.088 million.


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