Sales Promotion


  1. Encourage routine behavior by incentivizing return visits within each market segment with the emphasis on the specific times stated below.

        2. Encourage visits with friends and family and thus close the Brand Imagery gap.

Lastly, Ya Kun should introduce loyalty programs such as introducing loyalty cards or joining programs such as Perx which is a loyalty card program in a form of a mobile application. Not only will this demonstrate that Ya Kun appreciates its loyal customers, it also serves as a form of incentivizing return visits since customers will return in order to chock up stamps to get freebies. 

Additionally, Ya Kun can offer family meals on weekends and buddy meals for students on weekdays from 2pm to 6 pm. These set meals will offer bundled items at a cheaper price which would encourage consumers to come as a family or with their friends in order to benefit from the discount. This can be done in conjunction with the introduction of the new menu items such that new items and signature items are bundled together in order to encourage customers to try the new items.

Here are our estimated expenses.


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